504ward promotes events in the Greater New Orleans community through our twice weekly emails and social media outlets.

Please note that we receive more submissions that we can promote, and will make our best efforts, following the criteria below, to consider your event for promotion.

Promotional Criteria:

  • We promote events, not ongoing programming, or individual organizations/companies. There must be a specific time, date, location and/or call to action.
  • We promote events that are opportunities for social engagement, civic engagement, career advancement or leadership development.
  • We are a non-partisan organization and do not promote events that are partisan in any way.
  • Events must specifically appeal to 504ward members – individuals in the New Orleans region who are college educated/highly skilled and between the ages of 21 to 35.
  • Events must be occurring within the Greater New Orleans region.
  • We do not promote events over $75 unless it is ongoing professional development.
  • We require any event whose ticket price is over $30 to provide 504ward with either a discount for our members or a handful of tickets to give away.
  • Preference will be given to events that are in their first or second year and/or have not been promoted previously by 504ward.

To be considered for promotion, please complete the following form. Note that we typically need 8 weeks notice to schedule promotion. The more information you provide and the earlier you provide it, the greater the likelihood we will be able to promote the event.

Promote an Event